Meet Terry Koehler

Our Founder

Edison Golf was founded by Terry Koehler, better known as “The Wedge Guy” in golf circles. Koehler has spent 40 years in the golf industry and more than 30 years designing wedges. 

Prior to launching Edison Golf, Koehler was the CEO of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company, where he led the team that brought the vaunted brand back to the golf equipment industry. 

Koehler may be best known for SCOR®, a boutique wedge brand he founded in 2011 that generated a cult following for its innovative approach to wedge design. 

Koehler’s career also includes the founding of wedge brands Reid Lockhart® and EIDOLON®. 

Why Edison?

Almost all wedges are relatively simple, single-piece molded pieces of metal. Whether cast or forged, what you see is what you are going to get in the way of performance. 

Some brands prefer casting for its low cost, while others choose to forge their wedges to get the quality and feel only a forged club head can deliver. But regardless of the process, where and how the mass is arranged is going to determine the performance. 

Because almost all other wedges look pretty much the same, they all work pretty much the same. Period.

That indisputable "law" of golf club performance is what drove us to take a completely fresh approach to the design of the Edison Forged Wedges. 

Edison Forged Wedges don’t look like any other wedges, and that’s because they were created to make a dramatic improvement in launch angles, forgiveness, accuracy, and spin for everyday golfers like you. And that wasn't going to be possible unless we got completely outside the box.

Independent robotic testing and with thousands of real golfers has proven that Edison Forged Wedges raise the bar for wedge performance in every category that counts. Very simply, Edison wedges will improve the consistency of your scoring range performance.

What We Believe About Wedges


Edison Forged Wedges are proven to put your not-so-good shots up to 31 feet closer to the hole compared to the wedges played on tour. 


You'll create more spin with Edison Forged Wedges compared to the wedges in your bag. 


Edison Forged Wedges will launch 2-4 degrees lower than tour-design wedges, giving you more control over your trajectory… especially in the wind. 


We put The Koehler Sole on all of our wedges because it works for steep and shallow attack angles and from all the different lies you'll face on the course. With an Edison Forged Wedge, you’ll never choose the wrong grind again. 


To perform their best, your wedges have to be built for you. That’s why we developed our proprietary WedgeFit® Scoring Range Analysis, the most comprehensive online fitting tool in the industry, and allow customers to choose their shaft, grip, length, lofts, and lie angles.